Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

At ITSL, we provide following services:-

  • Execution of Trust Deed and Settlement of trust by Settlor.
  • Execution of Investment Manager Agreement (IM) and Project Manager Agreement for appointment of IM and PM.
  • Vetting of Information Memorandum.
  • Obtaining PAN/TAN and completing other registration formalities (opening of bank accounts, Demat account)
  • Facilitating for obtaining the registration of REIT as required under SEBI Regulations.
  • Monitoring of subscription amount and refund of application money
  • Appointment of various entities including the Managers, Tax Consultants, Auditor etc.
  • Holding the REIT assets in the name of ITSL (acting as REIT Trustee)
  • Attending to investor’s grievance.
  • Signing of financials, finalizing IT returns
  • Oversee the functioning of the Investment Manager in the interest of Unit Holder