Alternative Investment Fund (AIF)

At ITSL, we offer following services as Trustee to Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) (erstwhile VCF) Primary Documentation

  • Executing and Registering Indenture of Trust.
  • Executing the Investment Management Agreement.
  • Processing SEBI application for AIF registration.
  • Vetting Private Placement Memorandums – Issued by Investment Manager on behalf of the Trust.

Other Documentation

  • Vetting and signing Contribution Agreements (amongst the Trustee, IM and Investors)
  • Signing of documents/certificates as per the regulations and as required by the regulating bodies, authorities, bankers and DPs, etc.

SEBI and Other Compliances

  • Signing documents for obtaining PAN, TAN and for other Registration for the trust.
  • Ensuring uploading of documents and/or information on SEBI portal.
  • Obtaining Annual Compliance certificate on fund operations from Investment Manager.
  • Signing of Financials of the Trust.
  • Signing of Income Tax Return of the Trust.

Other duties of Trustee

  • Appointment of Auditors for Trust accounts.
  • Keeping continuous interaction with the Investment Manager.
  • Attending queries/grievances of Investors.
  • Overseeing functioning of the Trust.

As Trustee for AIF, we entrust various duties to the Investment Manager including signing agreements with investee companies, operating the fund’s Bank and D-mat Accounts; maintaining the fund’s book of accounts & preparing periodical financial and other reports for submission to Authorities and to the investors, etc.