Public Deposit Trustee / SLR Trusteeship

  • It is mandatory for deposit-taking NBFCs / HFCs to maintain a required SLR against the public deposits which is accepted by such Companies.
  • Accordingly, ITSL acts as a Trustee for such NBFCs / HFCs in respect of deposit accepted by them and the charge on securities (as may be required) is created in favor of ITSL  as per the requirement of RBI / NHB.
  • Creation of charge with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and marking a lien on the FDs pledged with ITSL
  • Ensure compliance with RBI and NHB regulations by companies / NBFCs Obtaining the copies of NBS1, NBS2 & NBS3 as submitted by the NBFCs / HFCs to RBI / NHB.