Which resulted to an excellent Duel between the two, where Kite without difficulty outdone Shark, taking the trick therefore the latter’s heart

Which resulted to an excellent Duel between the two, where Kite without difficulty outdone Shark, taking the trick therefore the latter’s heart

Immediately following Shark concerned taking their fate given that a Barian, he had been emotionally smashed at the thought of becoming Yuma’s adversary and you can distraught off cracking their thread and friendship which have him. [37] [80] However, Shark cut their friendship that have Yuma and you can said that it was its fate becoming opposition. However, Yuma don’t pick your once the an enemy, however, he had been ready to struggle him to displace the securities of relationship. [30] Since the very last episode, their friendship which have Yuma try once more reformed. Shark, Rio, the former Barian Emperors, Kite therefore the Vetrix family unit members allied which have Yuma again to stop a future disaster on Astral World.

Astral [ change ]

In the beginning, Shark didn’t come with experience in Astral, however, Astral has respect to own Shark’s Dueling experience as well as the feeling he has got to the Yuma. [9] [13] [19] When the Shark becomes possessed because of the a “Number” cards, Astral and you can Yuma always have been in argument with Shark and check out to keep him regarding card’s ebony dictate. [25] [45] [50] [94] [95]

A little while between Shark and you can Yuma to-be family in addition to Business Duel Festival, Shark’s discovered out of Astral’s existence and you may knows how important he or she is so you can Yuma. [50] [60] Understanding Shark is trustworthy and you will strong-willed, Astral has no difficulties permitting your continue “Count thirty two: Shark Drake” credit in his possession. [53] Following Duel having Vector, Shark may now look for and you may hear Astral, [27] but they still have little contact with one another.

After Astral’s theories on Shark and Rio are Nash and you will Marin was indeed confirmed genuine, he conveniently recognized one to Shark is actually his enemy when he spotted your toward Barians. [30] Even after beings opposition now, he presented concern to possess Astral when he attempts to compromise themselves.

Kite Tenjo [ edit ]

Which have heard about the new “Count Huntsman”, Shark currently realized Kite’s character, however, officially fulfilled your as he prevented Orbital seven away from eliminating your and necessary that Shark serves up the fresh new Emperor’s Trick. Shark figured out one Kite is the fresh “Amount Huntsman” with his intentions on the Yuma, up coming lied in the that have an excellent “Number” card. [14] Shark bared a good grudge facing Kite since that time, and you can appointment once again in the Heartland Tower, he had been really intense so you can Kite, even if he performed let free him on the rubble which had involved him. But not, Kite don’t care about it his little sister, Hart, was a student in problems and you can told Shark they might enjoys an effective rematch later on. After arguing, both provided to collaborate to save Yuma and you will Hart. [53]

During the Duel with Dr. Faker, it put up a friendship and you can https://datingranking.net/de/land-dating/ worked well along. [26] [54] [55] Even though Shark holds nothing contact with Kite, they show up together in the event your Barian Globe presents a big sufficient issues, but they often dispute that have others. [28] [59] [64] Initially, Kite refereed so you’re able to Shark because of the his first identity, but as they was basically to one another more frequently, the guy began using Shark’s nickname just as someone else would. [73]

No matter if even with the variations, both the guy and Kite are much the same, both carry out whatever they is to safeguard its siblings (Hart and you may Rio) and become a bit vengeful and you may resentful with they are both at risk, in addition to one another appear to posses cool and you may distant personalities.

Once Shark had sided on the Barians since the Nash, Kite readily recognized which he try now their adversary and you can was solved to battle your if he previously to. [83] Yet not, at the time of the very last episode, they became relatives and you may allies once again.