What exactly are your sexting? Parental means, sexting thinking and you will routines certainly Italian teenagers

What exactly are your sexting? Parental means, sexting thinking and you will routines certainly Italian teenagers

Sexting has emerged due to the fact a general public health insurance and social material. The current analysis had a few tries: a) to preliminarily try teenage gender distinctions with the adult strategies regarding teenage on the internet lifestyle, parental monitoring, adolescent thoughts with the sexting and you will sexting habits; b) so you can individually shot having male and female teenagers an abstract model where sexting habits try informed me because of the parental means and you can overseeing, towards mediation away from adolescent negative attitude into the sexting.


Direct and indirect links between the variables in the model were investigated. The study was carried out with 541 participants. Participants were Italian adolescents (60% males; 40% females) aged 14 to 19 years (Mage = 16,19 years, SDage = 1,31).


Abilities advised one females sent far more multimedia sexts, got a high impression away from chance regarding the sexting and you will advertised higher score for adult techniques from teenage on the web lifestyle and you may parental overseeing. Statutes on the Content material, Parental Degree, Teenage Disclosure, and Parental Control resulted to getting related to both sexting thinking and you may routines having men and women adolescents.


Conclusions high light the significant role one parents gamble within the creating attitudes and you may routines off each other girl and sons while in the puberty.


Over the past twenty years, the newest modern and you can much more fast growth of interaction development has provided to different alterations in the way in which someone, and especially teenagers, share, collaborate and you may connect to both. As suggested because of the Weber and you will Dixon , the fresh new “electronic society” was progressively becoming more pervading: adolescents and childhood will be the extremely digitally linked using the new communication news for example cellphones and internet sites. Such news allow them to become constantly in contact by discussing different types of articles, such as for example text messages, photos and video clips. Moreover, the fresh new development have impacted just how teenagers do the sexual relationships, mention and you can display its sexuality .

Recently, sexting possess came up because a technology attracting social health and societal interest. Sexting is actually a keen English identity merging what “sex” and you can “texting” (message off text message), in the first place referring to texting that contains intimate material . On the spread of new technology, together with mobiles and immediate messaging and speak software (elizabeth.grams. WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram .. www.datingrating.net/nl/blendr-overzicht/.), the word was also placed on those things out-of post to your social support systems and you can selling and buying intimate contents, like photographs, clips otherwise pictures [sixteen, 26, 41]. Thus sexting can be defined as the brand new change (finding, giving, giving and you may publish) away from intimately explicit content material (messages and you can/otherwise photo/photos/films away from naked or partial-nude) into digital media and Internet sites [16, 17, twenty six, 33].

Recently, the fresh new books enjoys highlighted an ever growing percentage of teenagers just who exercises sexting. Considering among the first all over the world studies accomplished to the sexting (Eurispes & Telefono [3, 4]), as much as 20% from teenagers received, personally sent, otherwise posted sexts online, when you are new degree advertised large percentages between 60 and 80% [22, 42].

Research has investigated prevalence regarding sexting based on gender, however, results are commonly contradictory (getting an assessment pick: ). Particular training [42, 60, 67] demonstrated highest regularity off sexting routines among men teens, while some most other degree [nine, 67, 71] recommended you to definitely boys discover sexts more frequently than females and therefore the second discover sext demands and you can send sexts more often. So you’re able to better understand such sex differences inconsistency, you are able to make reference to the fresh new “Postfeminist” perspective (elizabeth.grams. ) which concerned about lady intimate objectification on the modern media people. Considering that it position, into one-hand, teenage ladies are requested to manufacture a sexual blogs (i.e., the fresh sext) since a form of care about-display screen, that some cases is visible due to the fact a way of measuring attractiveness and you will a special version of female desirability. not, meanwhile, those women just who engage in such as for example sexting behavior are subject to help you peer moral condemnation and you may shaming. In addition, adolescent boys you certainly will obtain reviews proving or sharing girls’ photographs inside the their peer class .