Debenture Trustee

ITSL’s Debenture Trustee services ensures the protection of interest of debenture holders whilst ensuring an adequate asset coverage ratio. At ITSL, we specialize in varied facets of Debenture Trustee services including creation of security within stipulated time, effective handling of investor complaints and proficient settlement of clearances on behalf of debenture holders in event of further borrowings by the Issuer. At ITSL, we assure you:

  • To advise Issuer Company on mode of creation of Security.
  • To hold the Security/Charge on behalf of debenture holders and hold the security documents in safe custody.
  • To advise Issuer Company on the mode of creation of Security & registration of Debenture Trust Deed.
  • To ensure Compliance of Listing Agreement, Companies Act, 1956 & SEBI Regulations.
  • Enforcement of Security in the interest of the debenture holders.
  • Assisting Issuer Company on various aspects.
  • Assisting in obtaining in principle approval from stock exchanges.
  • Drafting and Vetting of Documents
  • Advising Clients on structuring of debt instruments.

Note: In case a complaint is not remedied promptly, the debenture-holder is advised of any further steps which may be available to the debenture holder under the regulatory system.